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“I need to take a break”: Sarah Michelle Admits Co-Star Robin Williams’ Tragic Death Forced Her to Take a Break From Hollywood

On the 11th of August 2014, legendary actor Robin Williams left the world in what was seen as devastating news back then, and it still is. Sarah Michelle Gellar is one of the many other actors who have worked with the late actor and are still processing his death as of today, 8 long years after his tragic death.

Sarah Gellar starred alongside Williams in David E. Kelley’s The Crazy Ones, a sitcom that aired on CBS from 2013 to 2014, which unfortunately got canceled by CBS a month before Williams’ death. Gellar recently gave an interview in which she recounts the time back when she was working with the Mrs. Doubtfire star and the small break she had to take following Williams’ departure from the world.

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L to R: Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar

Robin Williams’ Death Had A Profound Impact On Gellar

The Crazy Ones was an absolutely hilarious sitcom, and with Robin Williams’ reputation as a friendly co-star, it must’ve really made working with the actor memorable for Gellar.

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Williams and Gellar in The Crazy Ones

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Sarah Michelle Gellar recently gave an interview with People in which she talks about the temporary break she took from acting after hearing that her co-star Robin Williams’ had taken his own life. She recounts-

“I’ve been working my entire life. When I had kids, and it was right after Robin passed away, there was just so much going on in my life and I just said, ‘I need to take a break’.”

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Bradley Pierce Recounts The Time When Williams Came To His Rescue On Set

Robin Williams FandomWire
Robin Williams in Jumanji

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Starring alongside Williams were Bradley Pierce and Kirsten Dunst, who were only child actors back in 1995. During an interview in 2020, Pierce shared a core memory moment during the set of the movie when Williams came to defend him and fellow co-star Dunst when producers were demanding both the children to work overtime (which is illegal). He recalls-

“Children can only be on set for a number of hours, The producers had approached our parents and said, ‘Is there any way we can do a bit of overtime to get it done.’ That’s not uncommon at all in the industry because it literally saves $100,000 (£73,000) plus to do that extra half hour rather than a whole day.”

Upon hearing about the producers planning to make both Dunst and Pierce work the extra half hour, Williams talked it out with the producers and didn’t allow it to happen. Pierce continues-

“He said, ‘No, we are not doing any extra time. You’re going to let everybody out now and we’re going to come back next week.’”

He was indeed a very sweet and caring person, as much as how great of an actor he was.

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