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John Wayne ‘exploded in wrath’ after being found using his oxygen mask on stage

Marion People love John Wayne because he starred in a lot of movies made during Hollywood’s Golden Age. He was also known as “Duke,” which is a nickname for him. Morrison was an American actor and filmmaker.

Dean Martin, who played John Wayne’s co-star in The Sons of Katie Elder, says that John Wayne lived up to his tough on-screen persona. Duke kept doing his own stunts even after he had a cancerous lung removed. This included almost getting pneumonia after being dragged through a river several times. The star even had to use an oxygen mask on set, which made a Hollywood legend scream in fury.

John Wayne and Howard Hawks, the director of Rio Bravo, were going to work together again in The Sons of Katie Elder in September 1964. Dean Martin was going to be in the movie with Wayne. The Western had four brothers, with Duke playing the oldest one.

They went home to their mother’s funeral before avenging their father’s death and regaining the family ranch, which was taken from them. That’s not all: In January 1965, the movie was put on hold so that the Hollywood cowboy star could have a cancerous lung and two of his ribs taken out.

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