Only Fools and Horses

What happened to Del Boy after Only Fools and Horses ended

Only Fools and Horses is one of the most iconic series in British television and its fans will be the first to tell you that there isn’t a fun fact, character storyline or scene that they don’t know like the back of their hand..

However, even the most die-hard fan probably doesn’t even know this interesting story. A planned special episode of Only Fools and Horses to mark its 30th anniversary would’ve seen Del Boy retire as an ultra-successful millionaire.

John Challis, who played Boycie in the beloved sitcom, told The Sun that plans were afoot for a final special, but creator John Sullivan became ill before the episode could be made.

John Sullivan had writing credits on 64 episodes of the classic show, between 1981 until 2003.

He claims that he was inspired to create Del Boy by market traders he had observed while growing up in Balham, South London.

Creator John Sullivan sadly became ill before we could learn of Del Boy’s fate (Image: BBC)

The two stars were at work on a final special ahead of the 2011 anniversary of the show’s premiere, until he was unfortunately struck with viral pneumonia. Sadly, the writer died at the age of 64.

Challis said news of Sullivan’s death came as “a complete shock to everybody” and that plans for the special subsequently fell apart.

In the interview he revealed: “It was going to be Del Boy’s 65th birthday, he was going to retire and there was going to be a bit of a get-together in the Nag’s Head.

“But unfortunately [John] got ill and didn’t come out of it.”

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