Only Fools and Horses

Here’s what the Only Fools and Horses actor who played Tony Angelino is up to now

Actor Philip Pope has had a glittering career since that performance at The Starlight Rooms as the singing dustman!

Although Tony Angelino only appeared in one episode of Only Fools and Horses he is one memorable character!

Starring in the Stage Fright episode which broadcast in 1991, Tony was known as the ‘The Singing Dustman’ and formed a single double act with Raquel Turner.

The new music group was the brainchild of wheeler-dealer Derek ‘Del Boy’ Trotter who saw the pair as a great way to earn some easy cash by signing them up to perform at The Starlight Rooms.

Tony is a friend of Triggers and styled himself as a young Tom Jones who could sing fairly well – when he was singing certain songs!

A rhotacism meant that Tony pronounces his R’s as W’s so whilst belting out a version of Roy Orbison hit Crying it sounded more like ‘Cwying’.

Raquel Turner and Tony Angelino on stage (Image: BBC)

Del Boy scarpered out of the club and Raquel was left fuming when she returned to Nelson Mandela House and confessed she carried on with the performance singing hits including “Congwatulations” and a medley of “wock and woll”!

The Tony Angelino scene from the sitcom has gone down in history as one of the funniest Only Fools and Hoses moments.

Actor and composer Philip Pope played the role of Tony Angelino in Only Fools and Horses has remained in the showbiz industry ever since.

Before his stint in the BBC sitcom, he also had guest appearances in Blackadder, Who Dares Win and Round the Bend, along with performing in the BBC radio comedy series Radio Active (1980–87).

However, Pope’s talents don’t stop there as along with Richard Curtis he co-wrote songs for fictional pop group The Hee Bee Gee Bees who parodied famous music groups.

He’s also composed and written the main themes for a number of much-loved British programmes, including Round the Bend, My Hero, Outnumbered, and Whose Line Is It Anyway?, plus many many more.

Pope also has a huge list of acting credits for both film and movies under his belt.

Comedy favourite Radio Active original cast Angus Deayton, Helen Atkingson Wood, Michael Fenton Stevens and Philip Pope. (Image: Gaby Jerrard PR)

Most recently he starred as Sigmund Murphy in Dad’s Army: The Lost Episodes (2019), Winter Smallcock in Benidorm (2019), and The Life of Rock with Brian Pern (2014-2017).

Those with children will recognise the TV star as Moody Margaret’s Dad in Horrid Henry: The Movie and comedy fans will know Pope as Mr. Farthingwell / Frankie in Outnumbered and in various roles in The Fast Show, along with loads of other television appearances.

Only Fools and Horses buffs will forever know Pope as our beloved singing dustman!

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