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That 70s Show: 10 Recurring Characters That Should Return In That 90s Show

As fans are hopeful Eric Forman and friends will return for the spin-off, many recurring characters from That 70s Show could also make an appearance.

As Netflix looks to revisit Point Place, Wisconsin in the upcoming That ’90s Show, fans have speculated on which That ’70s Show characters would return for the spin-off series. So far, the only confirmed cast members set to return as series regulars are Debra Jo Rupp and Kurtwood Smith as Kitty and Red Forman, respectively. While there is a good chance that other main cast members from That ’70s Show could make appearances, there are a handful of recurring characters that could return as well.

That ’70s Show boasted many beloved recurring characters throughout its eight-season run and their presence in the show helped bring the fictional town of Point Place to life. Even though fans didn’t see them as often as Eric Forman and his friends, their inclusion in That ’90s Show would provide some familiar faces and give some context to how some of these characters evolved beyond the 1970s.

Nina Bartell

Nina was on the shortlist of girlfriends Fez had throughout That ’70s Show’s run and it seemed at first that she’d be the one who stuck around the longest. Despite her bigoted parents, she still decided to date him but thought he needed to work on his personality. But Fez just wanted to be accepted and after trying to change, he thought changing his entire personality wasn’t worth it.

Due to the negative reception of Fez ending up with Jackie by the finale, him ending up with a new character off-screen would be a good choice if the character returns. An appearance from Nina would point to Fez’s growth from just wanting a relationship, to not settling.

Roy Keene

Roy appeared in a handful of episodes throughout seasons 5 and 6 of That ’70s Show and it was always hilarious hearing about his shortcomings with women. Despite this, Roy was an overall heartfelt person, having been there for Hyde’s family after the man who he thought was his father walked out on them. As the manager of the Point Place Hotel, he gave jobs to Kelso, Hyde, and Eric when they needed work.

Should Jim Gaffigan return as Roy in That ’90s Show, he could play a similar role as he did in the predecessor. As Eric and Donna’s daughter Leia will be spending the summer in Point Place during season 1, Roy could provide her and her friends summer jobs at the hotel should he still work there.

Pastor Dave

Kitty Forman always wanted her family to be more religious, despite their reluctance. She brings around local youth pastor Dave to try and bring Eric and his sister Laurie in a direction that aligns more with her values but it was no help.

Pam Burkhart

At times, Pam Burkhart could be pretty unlikable as a character. It was clear that she was rarely ever there for her daughter Jackie, cheated on her ex-husband on multiple occasions, and ran away to Mexico. However, she had somewhat of a redemption arc later in the series, showcasing she may have a bit of heart after all.

After dating Donna’s dad, Bob Pinciotti, for a short period, she broke up with him to give him a chance to get back with Midge. Assuming Pam returned to Wisconsin after leaving for Mexico again, a That ’90s Show appearance could showcase her growth as a character.

Brooke Rockwell

Throughout That ’70s Show, Michael Kelso had a reputation for being a womanizer. It didn’t come as a shock that he would eventually get someone pregnant but Brooke being the mother of his daughter Betsy is the epitome of the phrase, “opposites attract.” Brooke was valedictorian of her high school class and fairly intelligent, the complete opposite of Kelso who didn’t have too many moments of wit.

Brooke’s regret about hooking up with Kelso and it resulting in a baby seemed to ease a bit by her final appearance, with Kelso moving to Chicago in the final season to be closer to Brooke and Betsy. If they resumed their relationship off-screen, it would be cool to see them visit Point Place as a family.

Casey Kelso

Out of the many siblings that Michael Kelso had in his family, his older brother Casey was the only one to appear on-screen. However, many fans felt he was a That ’70s Show character who left too soon. In most of his appearances, his main purpose was to challenge Eric, whether it be dating Donna after they had broken up or being reluctant to pass Eric in summer school when it was revealed he was the gym teacher.

Casey and his younger brother have similar traits but by the end of the series, it seemed like Michael had matured just a bit more despite keeping his idiotic tendencies. Casey comes off as the type to be stuck in the past and fans wouldn’t put it past him to antagonize Eric about his past with Donna or reference his infamous TransAm if he appears in the spin-off.

William Barnett

Steven Hyde most likely won’t return in the spinoff due to actor Danny Masterson’s ongoing legal issues (per Rolling Stone), but a few of the characters directly related to him have the potential to do so. One, in particular, was his biological father, William Barnett (aka WB), who found out that Hyde was his biological son in season 7. They didn’t have a relationship for the majority of Hyde’s life but upon finding out that he was his son, he puts in the effort to make amends.

WB was the owner of Grooves Record Store, where many people around town would shop and listen to music. Grooves were always stocked with the best music of the time and it’ll likely stay that way throughout the 90s. Grooves could be a hangout spot for Leia, with WB checking in on the sole location he left open.

Laurie Forman

The one character of the Forman family that viewers saw the least was Laurie. This was due to multiple reasons, with the main one being actor Lisa Robin Kelly’s off-screen struggles. She was a huge plot point in a handful of episodes, with her biggest arguably being her affair and relationship with Kelso – though viewers felt she would have been better placed in a couple of different That ’70s Show duos that should have dated.

Though she would not appear as much later in the show, she was mentioned here and there by her family to continue to make her presence felt. There are a handful of ways that That ’90s Show could explain Laurie’s absence, similar to how they did in the predecessor. If Christina Moore returns after being recast as Laurie, she’d be a welcome addition as Leia’s aunt.

Angie Barnett

The sibling dynamic that Angie and Hyde provided after finding out they were half-siblings was nice considering Hyde’s troubled upbringing. Angie is an extremely driven character, being a college graduate and more successful than Hyde and his friends at that point. She dates Kelso for a short time despite their opposite personalities, to her brother’s dismay.

Angie left Point Place for Milwaukee to work in Grooves Record Store’s corporate office and left Hyde as the manager of the store that was given to them by their father. Considering Hyde most likely won’t return, Angie could come back as the sole owner of Grooves Record Store.


That ’70s Show character who should have joined the group, the beloved Leo was manager of the Foto Hut and gave Hyde his first job. Played by Tommy Chong, he provided his stoner persona to the character, making him fit in perfectly alongside the rest of the group. Leo was so liked as a character that he became a main cast member for season 4 and the final season and fans would enjoy it if he returned for the spin-off.

In Leia’s upcoming adventures in Point Place, it would be hilarious if she and her friends found him just wandering around town like her father did nearly two decades prior to Leo’s disappearance from the show.

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