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Vera season 11 cast: Fans spot Only Fools and Horses star in Vera’s As The Crow Flies

VERA season 11 continued this weekend with a number of familiar faces starring in episode four.

Vera season 11 kicked off in August last year but thanks to filming delays caused by the pandemic, only the first two episodes were shown. But there is no need to worry as the ITV crime drama is back with actress Brenda Blethyn as the titular character of DCI Vera Stanhope. Vera aired tonight, Sunday, January 16, with another murder case to be cracked.

Vera season 11, episode four, is called As The Crow Flies and revolves around the death of primary school teacher Lizzy Swann (played by Jessica Johnson).

Her body is found at the bottom of a cliff-side coastal walkway and it is first presumed to have been an accident.

But Vera is soon at hand to reveal this isn’t so as she finds that evidence has been tampered with.

As always, the drama welcomed a fresh batch of faces for its guest cast.

Vera: Only Fools and Horses gary season 11 itv
Vera: Only Fools and Horses star spotted in season 11. (Image: ITV/BBC)
Vera: Nabil Elouahabi season 11 episode 4
Actor Nabil Elouahabi stars in Vera season 11 as Mo Hassan. (Image: ITV)

Actor Craig Parkinson was cast as Phil Swann, the husband of victim Lizzy.

He is best known for portraying DI Matthew “Dot” Cottan in the BBC One drama Line of Duty.

There was also a string of soap stars in the episode as well including EastEnders’ Ann Mitchell and Simone Lahbib, and Coronation Street’s Jack James Ryan.

Another familiar face that fans recognised though was actor Nabil Elouahabi.

Vera: Actor Nabil Elouahabi the tower itv
Actor Nabil Elouahabi was Younes Mehennii in The Tower. (Image: ITV)
Vera: Actor Nabil Elouahabi gary only fools
Actor Nabil Elouahabi played Gary in Only Fools and Horses. (Image: BBC)

Actor Elouahabi portrayed a character called Mo Hassan in As The Crow Flies.

But viewers will probably recognise him for having a minor yet memorable part in the iconic sitcom Only Fools and Horses.

Rashid Mamoon was found in the back of Denzil’s (Paul Barber) lorry by Del Boy (David Jason) and Rodney Trotter (Nicholas Lyndhurst).

Del came up with the nickname Gary for the illegal immigrant but then becomes the only thing that Rashid says throughout the episode as he shouts it out at random.

But this is far from the only part actor Elouahabi has had over the years.

In 2003, he portrayed the recurring character of Tariq for two years in BBC soap EastEnders.

He has also been in Top Boy, Generation Kill, The Night Off, Casualty, Time and The Tower.

Elouahabi played a major role in BBC’s Our Girl as Rabee in 2020 who was revealed to be a warlord posing as a soldier in the Afghanistan army.

Unfortunately, it could be quite some time until Vera returns to ITV.

Due to shooting being postponed last year, the cast and crew are still behind filming and so episodes five and six are not complete.

So Vera will not be back next Sunday, January 23, for episode five with a potential few months to wait before its return.

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