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This Notoriously Difficult Actor Delayed The Filming Of ‘That ’70s Show’ By Days

In an ideal world, everyone would treat all of the people they interact with respectfully. Sadly, however, throughout human history, there have been far too many examples of people in power treating others like they are beneath them. While in the past it was heads of state and royals who predominantly acted like that, there are a lot more people with power in society these days so that kind of behavior has become much more common.

Even though some stars are notorious for being kindhearted, there are far too many celebrities who are known to be divas behind the scenes. For example, former Glee star Lea Michele has been called out by several of her former co-stars and several actors have been labeled difficult to work with. Unfortunately for everyone involved in the production of That ‘70s Show, it has been revealed that one notoriously hard to work with actor once delayed the series’ filming by days. And that actor is Lindsay Lohan…

Lindsay Lohan’s Troubled Personal Life

At the height of Lindsay Lohan’s career, she was one of the most popular young stars in the world due to her many successful movies and her surprisingly successful music. For that reason, it makes sense that a lot of people assumed that Lindsay had it made at that time. However, the reality of the situation is that the Lohan family has dealt with a lot of struggles over the years. For example, it is known that Linday has dealt with addiction issues, she has a troubled relationship with her father, and she has been harassed by the paparazzi for years.

Lindsay Lohan: What happened to the darling of Hollywood? - Mirror Online

Probably in large part due to all of the aforementioned drama that has gone on in Lindsay Lohan’s personal life, she has had several run-ins with the law. For example, at one time or another, Lohan has gotten arrested for DUI, reckless driving, and shoplifting. Even though a lot of people seem to have forgotten this fact these days, Lohan wound up spending a short amount of time behind bars due to all of those arrests. Needless to say, Lohan’s reputation took another hit in the media after each of those arrests as well.

Lindsay Lohan Called Out In Hollywood

Even though Lindsay Lohan has gone through a lot, that doesn’t make it ok for her to disrespect the people she works with. Unfortunately, it seems pretty clear that Lohan has been a very bad co-worker at times as two of her former bosses have infamously called her out.

In 2013, Lindsay Lohan hoped to make a comeback following the release of her 2013 movie The Canyons but the movie was infamously ripped apart by critics. Worse yet, Lohan’s reputation in the business took a hit after the film’s release because director Paul Schrader put out a statement saying he was “mystified and disappointed” by Lindsay. According to Schrader, Lohan agreed to promote the film but she was a no-show when it came time to talk to the press.

#SupportUSPS 📬 because then private letters like the one from Morgan Creek Productions CEO James G. Robinson regarding the production of Georgia Rule (2007) won’t have to be made public and ruin the career and reputation of Movie Star Lindsay Lohan.— pray4mischa (@pray4mischa) August 24, 2020

Long before she flaked on promoting The Canyons, a producer behind her 2007 film Georgia Rule took Lindsay Lohan to task in a letter that was leaked to the press. While the letter that producer James G. Robinson wrote was lengthy, there was one section that did the most damage to Lohan’s reputation.“You and your representatives have told us that your various late arrivals and absences from the set have been the result of illness; today we were told it was ‘heat exhaustion.’ We are well aware that your ongoing all-night heavy partying is the real reason for your so-called ‘exhaustion,’”

Lindsay Lohan Delays That ‘70s Show Filming

At the time Lindsay Lohan agreed to make a cameo appearance on That ‘70s Show, she wasn’t a controversial figure yet. As a result, it seems very likely that the show’s producers didn’t anticipate her role in the show causing any production issues. On top of that, Lohan and That ‘70s Show star Wilmer Valderrama were a couple at the time so it seemed like she wouldn’t want to cause him any professional headaches.

Lindsay Lohan: Top 5 TV cameos from That 70s Show to Anger Management -  Mirror Online

Unfortunately for everyone involved in That ‘70s Show’s production, MTV reported that Lindsay Lohan was in the hospital when she was supposed to be filming her cameo in the show. According to the report, Lohan’s temperature rose to 103 degrees which meant she had to spend six days under a doctor’s care. Lohan would later say that there was a build-up to her medical emergency.

“I’m feeling better now. I was working a lot, tired, and run down. I had been sick and ignoring it and avoiding it. I wasn’t going to the dentist, I wasn’t going to the doctor, I was just trying to work through it. And you know, when you’re sick and you don’t take that break, it’s hard to heal and get better.” After recovering and reporting to That ‘70s Show’s set, Lindsay Lohan’s episode wound up performing well. It also is worth noting that Lohan’s hospital stay also pushed back the filming of her film Herbie: Fully Loaded.

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