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John Wayne and Kirk Douglas never saw “eye-to-eye” outside the movies

These two classic Western actors may have been pals in movies, but John Wayne and Kirk Douglas never saw eye-to-eye when they were off of it.

Burt Kennedy’s 1967 western The War Wagon is a valuable piece of American movie history. The heist movie boasts two of the biggest names of its day — Kirk Douglas and John Wayne.

Previously teaming up for Harm’s Way in 1965 and Cast a Giant Shadow in 1966, The War Wagon was their third and final movie together.

Their characters may have gotten along just fine, but the true story of Douglas and Wayne’s relationship is a little different from the heroics of their characters.

“I don’t want to get involved in a conversation about John Wayne,” Douglas admitted on The Dick Cavett Show. “We have never seen eye-to-eye, on a lot of things.”

“But professionally, I think he’s one of the most professional actors I’ve ever worked with,” he continued, “we get along very well, we never discussed politics, but he’s the first guy on the set, he’s the hardest worked I’ve ever worked with, and I think he’s quite a character.”

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Well, not every relationship can be as good off-screen as it is on! But the tension didn’t seem to affect their performances in these western action movies.

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